The Silent Guard by K.J. Taylor

The Cymrian Saga continues. Enslaved in the lands of the Amorani Empire, the Southern guardsman, Kearney Redguard finds that his captivity marks the beginning of a new struggle.

As the Northern army take over his homelands once again, Red is forced into the role of reluctant leader bringing together a band of insurgents and their griffins who will go into battle once more. Pitched against forces more powerful than any he has encountered before, Red will come face to face with death itself.

In body and mind, he will be tested in unimaginable ways.

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The Last Guard by K.J. Taylor

Southerner Sergeant Kearney "Red" Redguard is the last of a disgraced family, and a loyal guardsman. And with a murderer stalking the streets, the city guard is his city's best defence. But in the North, King Caedmon TaranisAii is gathering his army, and the cruel Night God prepares for the downfall of the South. A new dark griffin roams the land, warning of the war to come. Betrayed and sent on the run, Red must fight to save his homeland. But it may already be too late...

The Price of Magic by K.J. Taylor

Big things are expected of Pip. Can he deliver?

This new Young Adult work by acclaimed Australian author KJ Taylor is a stand-alone novella about confronting our challenges and celebrating our differences. Meet Pip and Seress, Ana and Clemence, Jinx and Hex, and follow their quest to find and stop the mad mage who is threatening magic's very existence.

KJ Taylor asks us to think about the choices we make, and the price that we pay for them. For anyone who’s ever been intimidated by those around them, here's a heart-warming story of one boy who isn’t content to be defined by others.

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Waycaller by D.J. McPhee

“an engaging, interesting and wholly enjoyable read.”         – Lambda Literary Review

Seventeen year old Jack Gordon thinks he’s going mad, just like his mother who believed in mythical beings like elves, dragons and monsters. He’s even started hearing voices. But then he and his little sister Harriett are attacked by a monster that is definitely real.Led by the voice in his head, Jack and Harriett are magically transported to the hidden realm of Anwynn. In Anwynn, Jack learns that elves, dragons and Druids are very real and that he is a Waycaller: he has the power to part the veil between the hidden realm of Anwynn and the human realm. Jack faces the challenges that come with being in an unfamiliar world that is as dangerous as it is magical. To survive, he must overcome his doubts and fears and learn to accept and use the power that resides within him. That might be a little easier if he weren't also struggling with his feelings for the mysterious Anarra, a part-elvish girl whose beauty is matched only by her skill with a sword.

Waycaller is the first book of The Faeden Chronicles.

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Keysong by D.J. McPhee

“Not since the Harry Potter books have I found myself so enamoured with a set of characters.”– Lambda Literary Review

Before he came to the magical realm of Anwynn, Jack Gordon thought of himself as just an ordinary guy. But that's not how things are turning out. Jack and his sister Harriett barely escaped with their lives when they fled the citadel of the Mountain Elves, pursued by the Prince of Fellwood and his legions of dark elves and goblins. Now they are on the edge of Fellwood Forest, alone again. They must journey through Fellwood with all its dangers to the goblin fortress at Pitmouth, on a quest to ensure that Morrigan remains imprisoned and searching for a mysterious object that might hold the power to defeat Prince Serza.

Keysong continues the story begun in Waycaller (Book 1 of The Faeden Chronicles).

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